Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Why Not?

Why not park like a boss?

Red Sox Decline Options On Scott Atchinson and Dan Wheeler

Scott Atchison's option was for the 2012 MLB minimum plus $200,000. He remains on the 40-man roster and is not eligible for arbitration. So the Sox could simply tender him an offer at the minimum or slightly above and retain him.

Dan Wheeler is a Type B free agent. So the Red Sox could offer him arbitration and get a draft pick once he signs with another team.

I was really let down by Dan Wheeler who went 2-2, 4.38 ERA with 39 Ks, but none of these guys will be missed. It's weird with relievers because they can be so good one year and suck the next. I mean Bobby Jenks (although I highly doubt it) could have a really good year next year. I don't know what the Sox are going to do bullpen wise, I'd like to say we are going to get Heath Bell and other bad ass guys but who knows.

Broncos Sticking With Tebow

The Bronco's are sticking with Tim Tebow this weekend against Oakland after he put on a stellar performance of 18/39 for 172yard with 1 TD and 1 Int, rushed for 63, got sacked 7 times for -55, fumbled. It's almost beating a dead horse to say that this guy shouldn't be starting at QB anymore. Sure he may have won a couple games in the 4th, sure he had an unbelievable career at Florida, but this guy can't throw accurately, can't read a defense and this isn't college.

The Broncos would be much better served drafting a Landry Jones or trading for a Ryan Mallett this offseason then sticking with Tebow passed this year. I honestly believe if Tebow switched to righty and learned how to properly throw with the arm he would be a better qb, his windup is far too long. Kyle Orton will be starting after this weekend.

Breaking News: Julian Edelman Arrested

"According to a report in the Boston Globe, Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman will be arraigned on charges of indecent assault and battery in Boston Municipal Court on Tuesday. Officers were called to a Back Bay nightclub around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning to investigate reports of a possible assault. Edelman was arrested on a single count of indecent assault and battery, according to Boston police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll. Edelman was taken into custody but posted bail and was released by police (WEEI)."

Right now the story is that Edleman was at some Halloween party and was dancing with some chick and reached under her dress. This caused a fight between Edleman and some guy that was there. All 3 people were kicked out of the bar, and police arrived at the scene and arrested Edleman.

It is too early to know what's true or not true, but with Edleman only having 3 catches for 25 yards this year I'd say he is probably going to be cut rather quickly. The Patriots have way too many similar WRs on this roster as it is, and if this is true will be a back eye for the Patriots and I would expect that they wouldn't put up with this.

If we get more news on the story we'll update the post.

Kim Fucking Kardashian Is A Great Scam Artist

So yesterday Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from former husband and New Jersey Net Kris Humphries to end a 72 day marriage. If you remember this relationship was followed by their show and the marriage was a 2 day, 4 hour event that netted them 18 million dollars.

So she was married for 72 days, robbed everyone and we aren't supposed to be mad about this. Listen the Kardashians are only famous because Kim made the most unimpressive porn I have ever seen, and since then she has been riding as much black cock until Kris Humphries. Like I read on twitter yesterday, With Kim K being single, and the McRib sandwich coming out, this is the best week in the history of black men." She is a talentless cunt, and the world would probably be better if the place was rid of the Kardashians altogether. I hope people boycott their show and their stores and just have them go away.

Also, in these situations do you need to return gifts in this situation? I feel like morally you should, but this C bag probably wont.

Well CC Is Off The Market

The Yankees and starting pitcher CC Sabathia came to an agreement on a contract extension yesterday night to that adds $30 million and one season to his existing contract, giving him a package that pays $122 million over the next five years.

Anyone who thought that CC was going anywhere other than New York this offseason was foolish. There is no way that the Yankees were going to let this kid go. People will say that CC is going to eventually break down because of his weight and because he throws a bazillion innings a year, but not going to happen. This guy is an old school pitcher who will be able to go up there and be effective for a majority of his contract. The good news for this means that the Yankees may not overspend on other SP out there, so the Sox may get a fair shot at whoever they desire (hopefully not CJ Wilson). I say trade our whole minor leagues to Seattle for Felix but whatever.